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The Music Experience for Young Children is a national service of music & song
enrichment for kids at preschools and daycare centers. Our music education troupe has enjoyed great successes and adorable smiles every year since 1994!

We provide on-site weekly (or other regularly scheduled) programs for ages 18-months through kindergarten and early elementary. Sessions are either parent-sponsored or paid for directly by each participating school or center.

Our Program

Ongoing sessions are offered in a financially flexible manner, with many affordable program options from which to choose! Schools can even fundraise through our programming. A professionally trained, early childhood music group leader will come to your site at your most convenient schedule to give your groups musical inspiration, entertainment and diverse education. Not only is there highly participatory music fun, but many studies are now conclusive about the positive relationship of music to abstract reasoning, spatial awareness, higher math and language skills.

peter Moses Director